Water Companies in Miami, FL
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Alexander Orr Jr Water Treatment
(305) 275-3170 more info
Commercial Water & Energy Co
(305) 436-6050 more info
Commerical Water and Energy Company
(305) 485-8448 more info
Ferguson Waterworks
(305) 716-0086 more info
Fern Crest Utilities Inc
(954) 587-8833 more info
Florida City Water & Sewer
(305) 245-9434 more info
Florida City Water Department
(305) 248-6855 more info
Florida Keys Aqueduct Auth
(305) 242-2500 more info
Glacier Spring Water Company
(305) 714-7000 more info
Hialeah Department of Water & Sewers
(305) 556-3800 more info
Hialeah Gardens Water Department
(305) 822-3017 more info
Homestead Water & Sewer
(305) 248-5201 more info
Isi Water Co Division
(305) 668-2822 more info
Mckenzie's Cleaning Company
(305) 249-5911 more info
* Miami-Dade County Water Sewer
(305) 665-7471 more info
North Bay Village City Hall
(305) 756-7171 more info
* North Miami Sewer Department
(305) 893-6511 more info
Norwood Water Plant Offices
(305) 651-8520 more info
Palm Water Co
(305) 255-1946 more info
Pelco Water & Sewer Operations
(305) 251-6720 more info
Pulles Plumbing Company
(305) 558-0410 more info
Surfside Water Department
(305) 861-4843 more info
Town of Davie: Billing & Customer Service
(954) 797-1030 more info
Village of Virginia Gardens: Water Dept
(305) 871-6104 more info
Water Company of America
(305) 630-2703 more info
Water Damage Removal Company
(305) 379-6702 more info
* Water Damage Company Miami
(954) 747-7000 more info

The water company information above can be used to setup public water service in Miami, FL. You can also call the above numbers to find out how to pay your water bill or to notify your local water company of any trouble you are having with your tap water. If you do not see your water company listed please use the add company button below to notify us and we will work to add your water company to our service.

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Facts about Miami, FL:
Miami (/ma??ĉmi/; Spanish pronunciation:  Miami is a major center, and a leader in finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts, and international trade. Miami has the third tallest skyline in the U.S. with over 300 high-rises. Downtown Miami is home to the largest concentration of international banks in the United States, and many large national and international companies. The Miami area was inhabited for thousands of years by indigenous Native American tribes. The Tequestas occupied the area for a thousand years before encountering Europeans. An Indian village of hundreds of people dating to 500?600 B.C. was located at the mouth of the Miami River. In 1566 admiral Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, Florida's first governor, claimed the area for Spain. A Spanish mission was constructed one year later in 1567. Spain and Great Britain successively controlled Florida, and Spain ceded it to the United States in 1821. In 1836, the US built Fort Dallas as part of its...

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